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Working Group Landscape Planning

Landscape planning, as a forward-looking action to enhance, restore or create landscapes, is a dynamic field of research and application. Practitioners and researchers around the world are active in contributing to the further development of landscape planning theory and practices. Many IALE conferences feature related presentations and symposia. What is missing, however, is a forum for landscape planners within IALE to stay in contact, to share experiences, and to jointly move landscape planning forward.

The aim of the Landscape Planning IALE working group is to provide a forum for continuous debate and exchange of landscape planning practitioners and scientists concerning emerging challenges, topical issues as well as the further development of landscape planning theory and methods. Members of the working group meet regularly, share experiences, and jointly advance landscape planning for the benefit of people and nature. To achieve its aim, the working group undertakes the following activities:

 Maintains an e-mailing list for communication

  • Regularly organizes symposia and workshops at IALE world or regional conferences,
  • Identifies topical challenges, trends and development of landscape planning,
  • Engages in joint publications, and
  • Explores options for further collaboration in joint research projects.

The landscape planning working group was founded at the IALE World Congress 2015 in Portland, USA.

In 2016, the IALE working group on landscape planning co-organized a workshop on the Assessment and Valuation of Cultural Ecosystem Services in Landscapes at Leibniz Universit├Ąt Hannover. As one of the outcomes of the workshop, a special issue was developed with the journal Ecosystem Services.
In 2017, the working group sponsored two symposia at the IALE European Congress in Ghent, Belgium, 12-15 September 2017: (i) Strategic planning – a way of incorporating landscape thinking into regional development, and (ii) Landscape Planning and Nature-based Solutions.

The year 2018 saw several symposia related to landscape planning organized at the European Ecosystem Services Conference in San Sebastian Donostia , Spain. One of the workshops was entitled “Bottlenecks and opportunities for applying ecosystem services in spatial planning” of which a joint publication involving working group members is currently under development. Furthermore, a manuscript by Marcin Spyra et al. featuring many co-authors from our working group members was published in Landscape Ecology (see here).

For 2019, participation of the working group at two major conferences is planned. At the IALE World Congress in Milan, Italy, July 1-5, 2019, several sessions will be organized in the field of landscape planning, for example the session entitled “Planning with Nature for Sustainable Landscape Development”. Related sessions are currently proposed as well for the World Ecosystem Services Partnership Conference to be held in Hannover, Germany, Oct.  21-25, 2019. At both conferences, additional networking activities of our working group are planned.
All interested colleagues are warmly invited to participate - for more information and in case you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Christian Albert (christian.albert(at)rub.de).




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